Below are the DIY (Do it Yourself) kits which are designed for the creative minds and are available online in Amazon for booking and ordering: 

Robotic DIY Kit
Gesture Controlled DIY Kit
Joystick Controlled DIY Kit
Android Phone
Ultrasound Based obstacle
Line follower
Basic Electronics
Voice controlled diy

To contribute to the technology world by providing our customers and clients with high quality products and services complimented with creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable shareholder value.


To make In[fiction] grow and make it as the world leaders in the software - consulting, services, products and in the robotic industry.


Customer Focus:

Achieving customer satisfaction by providing them with high quality service and product through on-time delivery.

Constantly updating our customers with our upgrading and continuing the business relationship.

Quality Delivery:

Delivering high quality service and products by valuing the customer feedback.

Constantly empowering the in-house the quality team to delivery and sustain industry standards.

4 creative, like-minded people - Deepak V Punam, Havish Sreenath, Manjunath Srinivas Gowda and Gurudeep GopalaKrishna are close friends who knew each other since college days. They decided to elevate this like-mindedness to the next level by getting into the technology world and came up with the business venture through In[fiction] labs.

The creative minds at In[fiction] labs feel it is still too early to have a history when we are in the process of making a great history.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At In[fiction] labs, we always believe , with the growth of the society and the people, In[fiction] would grow. The directors of In[fiction] have hosted socio-cultural events which caters to all the aspects of the society and people from various background by providing them free meals, arranging blood donation camps, eye check up camps, cancer awareness program, session on superstition and how it hampers the progress. These events are being hosted for over a decade on an annual basis. The directors have also hosted an educational fare and provided a platform for the yound minds to have a better clarity on the careers that they choose and also facilitated them by providing the young minds with lot of career options through the educational fare. Our vision, Mission and values underscore our commitment to professional and etthical behaviour while staying at the frontiers of growth and innovation.