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SPARC , specifically is a unique machine that is designed and developed to automate solar panel cleaning.

SPARC (Solar Plant Automation and Robotic Cleaning and Continuance) is the over arching service that aims at automating the entire Operations and Maintenance process of a solar power plant. It aims to solve the labor crisis in the Solar Plant O&M space.
•Our Solutions offer optimization of certain elements of Operations and management of a solar Plant
•We are dedicated to solve and optimize solar farms to yield maximum power and earn maximum revenue to the clients


SPARC 1.2 is an automatic solar panel cleaner robot, designed for dry and wet cleaning with ease of operation and navigation between the panels

Sparc 2.0

SPARC 2.0 is a fully automatic robotic cleaner specialy designed for ground mount solar plants. Its unique pstd...

Sparc mini

Sparc mini is a hand held manually operated solar panel cleaner.

It is a battery operated....


SPARC pp1 is a easy to use manual solar panel cleaner designed for.....