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SPARC mini

Cleaning Solar panels is an important task for keeping the power produced to be the maximum of its efficiency and also improve the life of the solar panels.

Manually cleaning the solar panels using static brushes or a squeeze is a tedious and tiresome task.

Sparc mini is a lightweight motorized cleaning brush with telescopic pole-mounted which makes the task of cleaning extremely simple and easy.

Sparc mini reduces the effort on the laborers and also cleans the panels extremely efficiently compared to static brushes. 


The telescopic pole mount extends up to 4 meters which makes it easy to clean the far corners standing on one side of the panel structures. 


Product Testing Video

Tech Specs:

Battery: 10Ah Li-Ion

Charger: 24v DC 1 A.

Charging Time: 6Hrs:

Operating Hours: 4.5 Hrs

Module Weight: 3.5 Kgs

Controller Weight: 1.5 Kgs

Telescopic pole: extendable up to 4 meters

Brush length: 600mm

Motor: BLDC

Bristles: Nylon 0.22mm

Water Hose: 8mm dia, 10 meters length

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